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Alexander, Miller and Associates – the obvious choice for debt recovery services

Alexander, Miller and Associates are a first class commercial collection agency based in Houston. They are able to work quickly and professionally to regain the debt that you are owed from your clients. They work on all aspects of the commercial collection, from a full investigation after a repayment is required, to the drawing up of a payment plan. The company has a diverse range of services, which you can make the most of depending on your exacting requirements. For example, they provide a free commercial credit report on all delinquent accounts. This will enable you to understand your debtor and put you in a better position for understanding why they might not have paid yet. Debt collection is all about diplomacy and Alexander, Miller and Associates are the masters at providing this service.

The approach that the company takes is comprehensive and they work closely with a client to understand the needs of both parties. They understand that relationships lie at the crux of businesses and if a relationship breaks down, it can be bad for both sides. Alexander, Miller and Associates can act as the middle player and work with the client so that they pay more quickly in the future, keeping both sides happy. Theirs is not the approach of the conventional debt collector. It is one of tact and diplomacy. They prefer to see it as ‘rehabilitation’ rather than debt collection. They are actually helping both the company that is owed the money (by getting the payee to pay up) and the company that owes the money (by helping them to put their business in a better shape).

The full-scale investigation service is useful in that it yields results but should only be required in drastic case scenarios

The representatives of Alexander, Miller and Associates will go to great lengths to recover the money. They will work to understand the case fully and will even meet with the debtor in prison. A thorough inventory of all personal property will be taken and real estate will be inspected on site. This is to understand the full extent of the assets available so that the company will be able to relieve at least a degree of lost or owed assets. Alexander, Miller and Associates are highly persistent and remain calm and professional throughout the process. There is always a risk when it comes to a commercial collection that violence and hard feeling can break out. This is never the case with the professionals at Alexander, Miller and Associates.

Although they are based in Houston, their services are available across the United States

They have worked in the past in Washington and New York. The skills of their staff are applicable no matter where in the country they are working. The most important thing is that they get the job done, quickly and to a high professional quality. They strengthen relationships if necessary and work to avoid the problem from happening again in the future.